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Having good indoor air quality includes not only having air that is free of debris and particulate matter, but also having air that is not too dry or too wet. A lack of humidity, especially – dry air – brings with it various concerns to both the family that lives inside the four walls and the home itself.

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For people, dry air can be quite uncomfortable, and for some, it can be downright problematic. Typical concerns related to a lack of humidity include dry (itchy) skin, chapped lips, sinus discomfort, dry eyes, and breathing challenges. Depending on other health concerns, any of these conditions can be more challenging than a simple itch or need for lip balm. Those who are either elderly or young or those with respiratory ailments are particularly vulnerable and benefit from humidifiers.

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Dry air not only affects people, however. It can also cause “discomfort” to furnishings and walls. Particularly susceptible to dry air damage are wooden furnishings and walls. Dry air seems to just suck the moisture out of wood, and when that happens, the wood is prone to split and crack. The best choice for proper humidity levels is a whole-home humidifier. Humidifiers work in tandem with HVAC systems and can prevent dry air, which in turn improves the health of your loved one’s and your walls and furnishings. For assistance with determining whether your home would benefit from a humidifier, call the experts at Energy Services Air Conditioning and Heating Company.

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