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Nothing is more important to a healthy lifestyle than the air you breathe. Food, water, and air are essential to life, and when any of the three are not high quality, health can suffer. Most people now spend the vast majority of their lives inside, so having good indoor air quality is vital to health and happiness.

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Good indoor air quality includes air that is free of contaminants, but also includes air with the proper humidity levels. Oftentimes, indoor air can be too humid, which is certainly more true in certain locations and at certain times of the year. When air has too much moisture, the air can exacerbate other problems in the household and an unhealthy situation can result.

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A dehumidifier is the answer to air that has too much moisture. A dehumidifier, especially one professionally installed by an HVAC company, can reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew in your home. Similarly, when Energy Services Air Conditioning and Heating Company installs a dehumidifier, you can expect to experience fewer musty smells, fewer incidences of allergy attacks, better breathing, and possibly even lower HVAC operational costs. Energy bills are increased when an air conditioner or heater is battling humidity as well as temperature, so a dehumidifier is likely to pay for itself in a short time. To see if a dehumidifier is recommended in your home, the consultants at Energy Services Air Conditioning and Heating Company can help.

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